The Children of Huang Shi

TitleThe Children of Huang Shi
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsSpottiswoode, Roger
Running Time125 minutes
Date Released04/2008
DistributorHyde Park International
CountryAustralia, China, Germany
Publication LanguageEnglish, Japanese

Based on a true story, British journalist George Hogg transitions from documenting the Sino-Japanese War to actively resisting it. After photographing and writing about the Rape of Nanjing, Hogg escapes execution with the help of a Chinese communist and Australian nurse. They take him to an orphanage and task him with caring for the 60 children. When Chinese nationalists want to conscript the young boys, Hogg leads them on a 700 mile trek across the Gobi Desert to safety. 

Alternate TitleEscape from Huang Shi; Children of the Silk Road
Original Publication黄石的孩子
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