Fatima, l'Algérienne de Dakar

TitleFatima, l'Algérienne de Dakar
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsHondo, Med
Running Time89
Date Released2004
Publication Languageeng

An interesting film that considers race, sexuality, and religion within the Algerian War for Independence. A French Senegalese rapes an Algerian woman. Years later he offers to marry her. Fatima accepts, in part to have a black father for her biracial child.


Amel Djemel
Aboubacar Sadikh Ba
Larbi Zekal
Abdoul Almamy Cheikh Wane
Therno N'Diaye
Mahmoud Said


Produced by Med Hondo
Executive producers, Hondo, Naceur Ktari,Clarence Thomas Delgado
Directed and written by Med Hondo
editor, Rosemary Evans Decraene
music, Maalouma Mint Meidah, Aarafat, Taos Amrouch, Cheikh Imam, Costa Papadoucas, Pape Fall


Drama, War

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