Mister Kingstreet's War

TitleMister Kingstreet's War
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1971
AuthorsRubens, Percival
Running Time92 min
Date Released02/1971
Publication Languageenglish

Before the outbreak of World War II, an American couple in West Africa resist hostile Italian and British forces. The Kingstreets own and manage a wildlife preserve that straddles both Italian-occupied Ethiopia and British Kenya. When Italian forces threaten to invade their land, the Kingstreets go to war.


John Saxon

Tippi Hedren

Rossano Brazzi


Produced by Thys Heyns

Directed by Percival Rubens

Written by Percival Rubens and George Harding

Cinematography by Grenville Middleton

Edited by John A. Bushelman

Music by Harry Sukman


Adventure, Drama, Thriller

Alternate TitleHeroes Die Hard
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