The Hero

TitleThe Hero
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsGamboa, Zézé
Running Time97 min
Date Released05/2004
CountryAngola, France, Portugal
Publication Languageportuguese

A documentary focusing on the lives of ordinary people after the end of the Angolan Civil War. The thirty-year conflict left Angolans maimed, homeless, orphaned, and sick along with a host of other social costs. These individuals try to rebuild their lives amidst transformations in their country's economy, infrastructure, and political system.


Oumar Makéna Diop

Milton Coelho

Maria Ceiça

Neusa Borges

Patrícia Bull

Raúl Rosário

Orlando Sérgio


Directed by Zézé Gamboa

Produced by Fernando Vendrell

Written by Carla Baptista, Pierre-Marie Goulet and Fernando Vendrell

Director of photography, Mario Masini

editing, Anna Ruiz

music by David Linx and Diederik Wissels


Drama, War

Original PublicationO Herói
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