Vreme leoparda

TitleVreme leoparda
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1985
AuthorsVelimirovic, Zdravko
Running Time1h 35min
Date Released06/16/1985
CountryYugoslavia; Mozambique
Publication LanguagePortuguese

Vreme leoparda is a 1985 Yugoslav-Mozambican co-production and the first Mozambican feature film. Set in Mozambique in 1971, during the last years of Portuguese colonial occupation, the film is a fictional account of the anti-colonial Mozambican War of Independence (1964-1974) told from the perspective of two childhood friends, a Mozambique native and a Portuguese colonialist, who find themselves fighting on opposites sides of the conflict.

Alternate TitleO Tempo dos Leopardos
Translated TitleThe Time of the Leopards
Original PublicationВреме леопарда
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