Das Alte Europa: Vom Hochmittelalter bis zur Moderne

TitleDas Alte Europa: Vom Hochmittelalter bis zur Moderne
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsBlickle, Peter
Number of Pages320
PublisherC.H. Beck

Peter Blickle offers a commanding account of Old Europe from the late Middle Ages to the modern era. Using numerous examples from over 600 years of history and from all regions of Europe from Scandinavia to Italy and Spain and from England to Poland, he illuminates the most important structures that shaped Europe: House, Lordship and Municipality, Sacrality, Peace, Legal Order and Police. He explains in his comprehensive account how the political form of organization of the houses connects the society of the peasants and - later - the citizens on a horizontal level and structures it hierarchically via the house of the nobles and the prince. The great importance of the house for the development of the values of solidarity and justice is shown when the multiplicity of houses becomes a community and peasants and citizens organize their coexistence in a communal way and as freely as possible. This structure - as the author vividly shows - in its Europe-wide spread is the prerequisite for the triumphant advance of Christianity, in which the Redeemer as the suffering Christ moves to the center of sacrality and spirituality: Christ and the martyrs, through their example, promote the ethics of compassion that are constitutionally indispensable for the community; moreover, Christ appears as the incarnation of the concept of freedom directed against domineering subjugation: if Christ liberates man, neither secular nor spiritual masters may press man back into bondage.

Translated TitleOld Europe: From the Late Middle Ages to the Modern Era
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