Camp Followers, Sutlers, and Soldiers’ Wives: Women in Early Modern Armies (c. 1450–1650)

TitleCamp Followers, Sutlers, and Soldiers’ Wives: Women in Early Modern Armies (c. 1450–1650)
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsAiles, Mary Elizabeth
EditorHacker, Barton C., and Margaret Vining
Book TitleA Companion to Women's Military History
CityLeiden ; Boston

Military institutions have everywhere and always shaped the course of history, but women s near universal participation in them has largely gone unnoticed. This volume addresses the changing relationships between women and armed forces from antiquity to the present. The eight chapters in Part I present broad, scholarly reviews of the existing literature to provide a clear understanding of where we stand. An extended picture essay documents visually women s military work since the sixteenth century. The book s second part comprises eight exemplary articles, more narrowly focused than the survey articles but illustrating some of their major themes. Military history will benefit from acknowledging women s participation, as will women s history from recognizing military institutions as major factors in molding women s lives. Contributors include Jorit Wintjes, Mary Elizabeth Ailes, John A. Lynn, Barton C. Hacker, Kimberly Jensen, Margaret Vining, D Ann M. Campbell, Carol B. Stevens, Jan Noel, Elizabeth Prelinger, Donna Alvah, Karen Hagemann, Yehudit Kol-Inbar, Dorotea Gucciardo and Megan Howatt, and Judith Hicks Stiehm."

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