Soldatenpartnerschaften: Stehendes Heer und weibliche Bevölkerung im 18. Jahrhundert

TitleSoldatenpartnerschaften: Stehendes Heer und weibliche Bevölkerung im 18. Jahrhundert
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsNowosadtko, Jutta
EditorHagemann, Karen, and Pröve, Ralf
Book TitleLandsknechte, Soldatenfrauen und Nationalkrieger: Militär, Krieg und Geschlechterordnung im historischen Wandel
CityFrankfurt am Main

This book chapter explores not only the relation between the soldiers and their female partners, married or not, in the standing armies of 18th century German Central Europe. Because governments and army leaderships wanted to reduce the large number of soldiers' wives, mainly with the aim to reduce the costs for their support in situations of need, they increasingly tried to reduce the number of married soldiers -- but without much success. The main reason was, as Nowosadtko argues, that a soldier and his female partner formed a working couple. Their partnership helped both to make a living and survive. They were part of the economy of the working poor in the small and large cities with garrisons.

Translated TitleSoldiers' Partnerships: Standing Army and Female Population in the 18th Century
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