The Correspondence of William James: William and Henry, 1885-1889

TitleThe Correspondence of William James: William and Henry, 1885-1889
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsJames, William
Series EditorSkrupskelis, Ignas K., and Elizabeth M. Berkeley
Number of Pages746
PublisherUniversity of Virginia Press

After years of procrastination and false starts, James finally completed most of the work during this peroid on a book destined to become a classic in its field: The Principles of Psychology. He continues his dialogue with established correspondents onf the psychological and philosophical issues of the day and displays a blossoming interest psychical research, much of it centered on Leonora Piper, the American trance medium. James's interest in his graduate students reveals itself in his correspondence with (among others) George Santayana and Charles Augustus Strong, both of whom sought their mentor's advice and support at the beginning of their own academic careers. Separated from his family for long periods of time, letters to his wife Alice document the considerable emotional support and affirmation he drew from her.

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