Nguoi tinh khong chan dung

TitleNguoi tinh khong chan dung
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1971
AuthorsHoàng, Vĩnh Lộc
Running Time1h 45min
Date Released06/06/1971
DistributorAsia Entertainment
Publication LanguageVietnamese

My Lan, a radio broadcaster of a program titled The Soldier's Heart  asks a South Vietnamese army colonel to allow her to travel to the front lines of the Vietnam War to search for her lover. Their relationship began through correspondence. My Lan witnesses the harsh reality of soldier's lives and finds out her lover has been wounded in battle. The film praises the image of soldiers of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam, which directly assisted with the producation and sponsorship of this film. 

Alternate TitleWarrior, Who Are You?
Translated TitleLover without Portrait
Original PublicationNgười tình không chân dung
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