For All: Springboard to Victory

TitleFor All: Springboard to Victory
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsFerraz, Buza, and Luiz Carlos Lacerda
Running Time95 min
Date Released5/15/1998
DistributorBigDeni Filmes, Columbia TriStar Filmes do Brasil
Publication LanguagePortuguese, English

The small town of Parnamirim in Brazil changes rapidly when the U.S. establishes a military base there during World War II. American GIs bring with them dollars, music, and Hollywood movies, reshaping locals' economic, social, and cultural lives.


Betty Faria

José Wilker

Paulo Gorgulho

Caio Junqueira

Erik Svane

Alexandre Lippiani

Luiz Carlos Tourinho

Flávia Bonato

Daniela Gracindo

Alexandre Barros

Claudia Netto

Cláudio Mamberti

Edson Celulari


Directed by Buza Ferraz and Luiz Carlos Lacerda

Written by Buza Ferraz, Luiz Carlos Lacerda, and Joaquim Assis


Comedy, Romance, War

Original PublicationFor All: O Trampolim da Vitória
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