Mi Mejor Enemigo

TitleMi Mejor Enemigo
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsBowen, Alex, and Jorge Duran
Running Time100 min
Date Released5/5/2005
DistributorALCE Productions
Publication LanguageSpanish, French

My Best Enemy tells the story of a 5-man Chilean patrol lost in Patagonia during the Beagle conflict of December 1978. The patrol becomes lost and builds a trench in the middle of the Patagonian plains only to discover that there is an Argentine trench in front of them. Likewise the Argentine group is also lost and unsure of the actual location of the country's border. The story is set during a period in which war seems imminent, and portrays these two groups interacting in ways both friendly and conflictive.

Translated TitleMy Best Enemy
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