Mi Mejor Enemigo

TitleMi Mejor Enemigo
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsBowen, Alex, and Jorge Duran
Running Time100 min
Date Released5/5/2005
DistributorALCE Productions
Publication LanguageSpanish, French

Argentinian and Chilean soldiers meet in the middle of the Patagonia as their nations near possible war in 1978 (known as the Beagle Conflict). As they await news of war, the men begin to get to know each other. Scenes of soldiers playing soccer underscore the absurdity of a potentially deadly conflict.


Nicolás Saavedra

Erto Pantoja

Miguel Dedovich

Jorge Román

Felipe Braun

Fernanda Urrejola

Pablo Valledor

Victor Montero

Juan Pablo Miranda

Andrés Olea

Luciano Morales

Emiliano Ramos

Diego Quiroz

Martín Lavini

Ezequiel Abeijón


directed by Alex Bowen

written by Alex Bowen and Jorge Durán


Comedy, Drama, War

Alternate TitleMój najlepszy wróg
Translated TitleMy Best Enemy
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