"Sois un homme!” La construction de la masculinité au XIXe siècle

Title"Sois un homme!” La construction de la masculinité au XIXe siècle
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsSohn, Anne-Marie
Number of Pages456

How does someone become a man? How is a masculine identity constructed? In this monograph, Anne-Marie Sohn analyzes these questions by following young Frenchmen in the trials they had to overcome -- in the bar and in the factory, in the high school and in the public square -- to appropriate male words and rites. Her study reveals what this socialization owed to the intervention of fathers who were, at the same time, models, mentors, and censors for their sons. It shows above all the decline of a masculinity based on strength, courage and honor, in favor of a calm masculinity in which the word replaces the gesture, where the confrontation yields to mediation, a phenomenon closely linked to the advent of democratic procedures. 

Translated Title"Be a Man!" The Construction of Masculinity in the 19th Century
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