The Complexity of Intersectionality

TitleThe Complexity of Intersectionality
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsMcCall, Leslie
JournalSigns: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
Pagination1771 - 1800

The concept of "intersectionality"—the relationships among multiple dimensions and modalities of social relations and subject formations—is a central category of analysis feminist scholarship. Sme scholars even say  that intersectionality is the most important theoretical contribution that women’s studies, in conjunction with related fields, has made so far. Yet despite the emergence of intersectionality as a major paradigm of research in women’s studies and elsewhere, there has been little discussion of how to study intersectionality, that is, of its methodology. This would not be worrisome if studies of intersectionality were already wide ranging n terms of methodology or if the methodological issues were fairly straightforward and consistent with past practice. The author suggest, however, that intersectionality has introduced new methodological problems and, partly as an unintended consequence, has limited the range of methodological approaches used to study intersectionality. In this article author  Leslie McCall explores this problems.

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