Diario íntimo de San Martín: Londres, 1824: Una misión secreta

TitleDiario íntimo de San Martín: Londres, 1824: Una misión secreta
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsTerragno, Rodolfo H.
Number of Pages640
PublisherEditorial Sudamericana
CityBuenos Aires

This new book by Rodolfo Terragno proves that the "retreat" of Liberator San Martín in 1822, and his retirement in Peru and his trip to Europe, was not such because two years later he was found in England fulfilling a secret plan whose central objective was to consolidate the independence of South America. As a result of this plan, he organized a trip back to Peru, where he was forced to resume his fight with Bolivar. In a personal diary written in the present tense, together with important revelations, curiosities, and customs of those years in England, this diary includes the biographies of adventurers and references to eccentric characters of court life. And, unlike much of the bibliography of San Martin -interesting only to the Argentines- this book shows San Martin as an international figure with connections and projection throughout Europe and South America. The Liberator reappears as a great politician, who prefers to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence but must face criticism, jealousy, attacks, defamation, and plots.

Short TitleDiario íntimo de San Martín


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