Patricias Argentinas

TitlePatricias Argentinas
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1910
AuthorsCarranza, Adolfo
Number of Pages176
PublisherSociedad de Patricias Argentinas
CityBuenos Aires

The book, Patricias Argentinas is a biography of fourteen donors to the cause of Argentina's struggle for independence from Spain. The Argentine War of Independence was fought from 1810 to 1818. Patricias Argentinas was a group of fourteen women who on 30 May 1812 signed a declaration of support calling for the collection of funds to purchase arms to supply the rebel army fighting for freedom from Spain.The Argentine army was severely under-equipped at the time. Each of the women who signed financed one pistol each. Their example was followed by others and the women's action is considered a heroic vital step leading to the success of the war.

Translated TitleArgentina's Noblewomen
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