Patricias Argentinas

TitlePatricias Argentinas
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1910
AuthorsCarranza, Adolfo
Number of Pages176
PublisherSociedad de Patricias Argentinas
CityBuenos Aires

The 1910 book Patricias Argentinas tells the story of the fourteen patriotic Argentine women who initiated a collection of funds to support Argentina's struggle for independence from Spain during the Argentine War of Independence (1810 to 1818). They signed on  30 May 1812  a declaration calling for the collection of funds to purchase arms to supply the rebel army fighting for freedom from Spain. Each one of them  financed one pistol each, and their example was followed by others.  The collection of money for the arming of the liberation army was  considered vital for its success, because it was very insufficiently equipped.

Translated TitleArgentina's Noblewomen
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