Honorable Lives: Lawyers, Families, and Politics in Colombia, 1780-1850

TitleHonorable Lives: Lawyers, Families, and Politics in Colombia, 1780-1850
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsUribe-Uran, Victor M.
Number of Pages336
PublisherUniversity of Pittsburgh Press

The first work in English to discuss the social and political history of lawyers in a Latin American country,Honorable Livespresents a portrait of lawyers in late colonial and early modern Colombia. Uribe-Uran focuses on the social origins, education, and careers of those qualified to practice law before the highest colonial courts-Audiencias-and the republican courts after the 1820s. In the course of his study, Uribe-Uran answers many questions about this elite group of professionals. What were the social origins and families of lawyers? Their relation to the state? Their participation in political movements and parties, revolutions, civil wars, and other political processes? Their ideas, education, and training? By exploring the lives of lawyers, Uribe-Uran is also able to present a general history of Latin America while examining the key social and political changes and continuities from 1780 to 1850-particularly the elites and state managers.Honorable Livesfeatures three genealogical charts detailing bureaucratic networks established by families of lawyers in different historical periods. The text also contains an abundant series of statistical tables and charts, and concise biographical information on approximately 150 Latin American lawyers. This book will appeal to Latin Americanists, students of law, and anyone interested in the lives and histories of lawyers.

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