Historia de España: La época del liberalismo

TitleHistoria de España: La época del liberalismo
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsFontana y Làzaro, Josep, and Ramón Villares
PublisherMarcial Pons

The nineteenth century is a complex period from which the author offers us an entirely renewed vision. It tries to contribute to the recovery of a century slandered and cursed, but also to correct the traditional image in black and white that reduced everything to court intrigues, pronouncements and speeches in the courts. Beyond the narrative of the great milestones of the period that Fontana traverses with precision and narrative audacity, what interests the author is to determine the causes that led to the bankruptcy of liberalism and to the corresponding economic and social backwardness of Spain. (Amazon)

Translated TitleSpanish History: The Age of Liberalism
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