Canada's Nursing Sisters

TitleCanada's Nursing Sisters
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1975
AuthorsNicholson, Gerald W. L.
Number of Pages272
PublisherS. Stevens

This 1975 study by Gerald W. L Nicholson provides an overview of the history on nursing in Canada since the secondĀ  half of the 19th century. As a history of Canadian military nursing it is very much an administrative study reflecting the conventional interpretation of Canada as a non-military nation, never preparing for war, arming only in an emergency. In 1885 the emergency which prompted the introduction of military nurses was the North West Rebellion. Initiated as a temporary measure, little was done to integrate the nurses into or make them a part of the permanent force so that with the outbreak of the Boer War, some years later, again an ad hocĀ arrangement had to be made. This only changed during the First and the Second World War.

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