Devenir escritora: Nacimiento y formación de las narradoras colombianas en el siglo XIX (1840-1870)

TitleDevenir escritora: Nacimiento y formación de las narradoras colombianas en el siglo XIX (1840-1870)
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsAgudelo-Ochoa, Ana Maria
Academic DepartmentDepartament de Filologia Romànica
Number of Pages404
Date Published2012/03/02
UniversityUniversity of Barcelona
CityBarcelona, Spain

The aim of this paper is to reconstruct the appearance and emergence of the figure of the Colombian female narrator in the nineteenth century from these two cases, specifically from two specific works: Pictures of the Private Life of Some Granadians by Josefa Acevedo de Gómez, published in 1861, and Novels and Pictures of South American Life by Soledad Acosta de Samper, published in 1869. These are sets of stories that respond to a specific interest congruent with the project of nationhood, an objective that added to the problems they address and the implicit aesthetic proposals are a manifestation of the dynamics between the sphere of power and the intellectual and artistic life of Neogranadina of the period in which they are written, published and read. Although the body of work of each of the authors is of an important magnitude and includes a diversity of genres -literary and non-literary- the present research focuses on their narrative, since in an era of primacy of the poetic genre, considered appropriate for female reading and writing, the choice of narrative reveals simultaneously a rupture and a change in the needs of expression of these authors.

Translated TitleBecoming a Writer: Birth and Formation of Colombian Women Narrators in the 19th century (1840-1870)
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