Pasión y Traición

TitlePasión y Traición
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsCanale, Florencia
Number of Pages408
PublisherPlaneta Argentina
CityBuenos Aires

Everyone knows that the life of General Jose de San Martin was not marked by easy circumstances: the political and social situation of an Argentine in its dawn made it difficult for him to go in glory. However, few know that the most powerful man on the American continent fought one of his fiercest battles inside, in his domestic life. His worst enemy? Remedios de Escalada, his wife, the mother of his daughter. Florence Canale, the sixth-generation niece of Remedios and heir to a veritable treasure trove of anecdotes and family documents, follows this private contest. She exposes the daily life of a woman who did not and could not submit to the male mandate of her time, and who was able to deceive and be unfaithful to her husband with men of his greatest confidence. Passion and Betrayal is a narrated novel, which appeals to fiction without neglecting a solid historical rigor. A story of love and fury, of screams and solitudes, that speaks of a woman and her time, a man and his worst ghosts. (Publisher Notes)

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