Les cantinières

TitleLes cantinières
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1980
AuthorsDufaÿ, Bruno
JournalRevue historique des armées

Vivandières were the women in the French army attached to military regiments as sutlers or canteen keepers. Their function was to provide food and drink to the troops  in the camps, on the march and in the battles. Next to blanchisseuse (washer women) they were the only women still allowed in the French army since the French Revolutionary Wars (1792-1799). Their number was strictly regulated by the army. During the Napoleponic Wars (1803-1815) more and more vivandières and blanchisseuse  provided both services to soldiers and officers in their regiment. For this French army women  the name cantinières  became common. The last cantinières served in the French army at the turn to the twentieth century. This is an early article in the journal Revue historique des armées (Historical Review of Armies, RHA) on this subject.

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