The Documentary Film Scores of Gail Kubik

TitleThe Documentary Film Scores of Gail Kubik
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsCochran, Alfred W.
EditorDonnelly, Kevin J.
Book TitleFilm Music: Critical Approaches
Pagination117 - 128
CityNew York

Gail Kubik (1914-1984) composed wartime documentary film scores during World War II. HisĀ musical score for the 1942 movie The World at War led to Kubik being hired by the Office of War Information to score music for wartime documentary films. In 1943 he joined the Army Air Corps and was assigned to the First Motion Picture Unit in Culver City, California. He wrote several scores during his time there, including the acclaimed wartime documentary score for The Memphis Belle, which he later reworked in 1950 asĀ The Memphis Belle: A War Time Episode for Narrator and Orchestra.

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