Les vaillantes: héroïnes, martyres et remplacantes

TitleLes vaillantes: héroïnes, martyres et remplacantes
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1917
AuthorsAbensour, Léon
Number of Pages312

"Even today there are misogynists who contest the work of women in war, criticizing their attitudes, minimizing or denying their role, and deploring the future consequences of their involvement. This denial is in vain, when the facts speak for themselves; when our allies and enemies alike recognize the patience and courage of women as a clearly visible source of national pride," writes Louis Barthou in the preface of this classic book. This volume documents female participation in World War I concurrent with the actual experience of the ongoing war. He includes information on British and Russian women in war as well as French women.

Translated TitleThe Valiants: Heroines, Martyrs, and Replacements
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