Suffrage, Gender and Citizenship: International Perspectives on Parliamentary Reforms

TitleSuffrage, Gender and Citizenship: International Perspectives on Parliamentary Reforms
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
Series EditorSulkunen, Irma, Seija-Leena Nevala-Nurmi, and Pirjo Markkola
Number of Pages440
PublisherCambridge Scholars Publishing
CityNewcastle upon Tyne, UK

In 2006, Finland celebrated the centenary of universal and equal suffrage. The reform in 1906 was radical: women gained the right to vote and to stand as candidates in parliamentary elections. The new rights were immediately used and 19 women were elected to the Parliament. Finland was the third country, after New Zealand and Australia, in which women were admitted to full political citizenship. Norwegian women were also granted political rights before WWI. This publication studies suffrage, citizenship and parliamentary reforms in various socio-political contexts. It brings together new research from a wide range of scholars and disciplines. In addition to pioneers, attention is given to Austria, Britain, Canada, Hungary, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Poland, Romania, Russia and Slovenia, among others. By highlighting national differences, the collection strives to disperse the universalising trend of research. The chapters suggest that the age of suffrage narratives based on a view of universal emancipation is over; more significant are deconstructive approaches and analyses embedded in local factors. From an international perspective, the realisation of female suffrage was a long and multi-faceted process taking different forms. The issue of women's civil rights is certainly not a matter of the past. Internationally, suffrage, gender and citizenship are highly topical issues, as indicated in this collection. [WorldCat]

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Introduction; Irma Sulkunen and Pirjo Markkola

PART I: Radical Peripheries: Pacific Countries and Scandinavia

Suffrage, Gender and Sovereignty in New Zealand; Charlotte Macdonald

Colonialism, Power and Women’s Political Citizenship in Australia, 1894–1908; Patricia Grimshaw

Voting Women before Women’s Suffrage in Sweden 1720–1870; Åsa Karlsson Sjögren

Suffrage, Nation and Citizenship – The Finnish Case in an International Context; Irma Sulkunen

Excluded from Universal Suffrage: Finland 1906–1917; Minna Harjula

To Become a Political Subject: Enfranchisement of Women in Norway; Gro Hagemann

PART II: The Dissolution of Empires and the Breakthrough of Democracy

Women’s Victory or the Impact of Revolution? Peculiarities of Women’s Suffrage in Russia; Olga Shnyrova

Linking Party Politics and Women’s Suffrage: The Case of Ariadna Tyrkova; Natalia Novikova

“A Danger to the State and Society”: Effects of the Civil War on Red Women’s civil rights in Finland in 1918; Tiina Lintunen

Women's Suffrage and War: World War I and Political Reform in a Comparative Perspective; Birgitta Bader-Zaar

Slovene Women's Suffrage Movement in a Comparative Perspective; Milica Antic Gaber and Irena Selisnik

The Debate on Parliamentary Reforms in Women’s Suffrage in Hungary; Judit Acsády

The Struggle for Women’s Political Rights in Modern Romania. The Crystallisation of Feminist Movement and the Constitutional Debates; Maria Nicoleta Turliuc and Catalin Turliuc

PART III: The Struggle for Women’s Citizenship

Christabel Pankhurst and the Struggle for Suffrage Reform in Edwardian Britain; June Purvis

What Was Suffragette Militancy? An Exploration of the British Example; Krista Cowman

Becoming Citizens in Ireland: Negotiating Women’s Suffrage and National Politics; Caitriona Beaumont, Myrtle Hill, Leeann Lane and Louise Ryan

Making the National Councils of Women National: The Formation of a Nation-Wide Organisation in Australia 1896–1931; Marian Quartly and Judith Smart

Suffrage, Gender and Citizenship vii Feminism and Nationalism: The Case of Women’s Suffrage in Mandatory Palestine 1918–1926; Margalit Shilo and Esther Carmel Hakim

PART IV: Contemporary Discussion on Women’s Suffrage and Citizenship

Women as Full Citizens: Addressing the Barriers of Gender and Race in Canadian Constitutional Development; Mary Eberts

Women Parliamentarians in Iran: A Show of Power?; Mohammed Mousavi

Catholic Family Values versus Equality – Polish Politics between the years 2005-2007: Envisioning the Role of Women; Dorota Anna Gozdecka

European Citizenship in the Context of Gender Equality Legislation in Eastern European Countries: The Case of Croatia; Snjezana Vasiljevic

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