Marie Equi: Radical Politics and Outlaw Passions

TitleMarie Equi: Radical Politics and Outlaw Passions
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsHelquist, Michael
Number of Pages310
PublisherOregon State University Press
CityCorvallis, OR

Born of Italian-Irish parents in 1872, Marie Equi endured childhood labor in a gritty Massachusetts textile mill before fleeing to an Oregon homestead with her first longtime woman companion. Equi self-studied her way into a San Francisco medical school and then obtained her license in Portland to become one of the first practicing woman physicians in the Pacific Northwest. From Pendleton, Portland, Seattle and beyond to Boston and San Francisco, she leveraged her professional status to fight for woman suffrage, labor rights, and reproductive freedom while also protesting American involvement with World War I. Breaking boundaries in all facets of life, she became the first well-known lesbian in Oregon, and her same-sex affairs figured prominently in two cases taken to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. [Amazon.]

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