Germany and the Second World War: The Build-up of German Aggression

TitleGermany and the Second World War: The Build-up of German Aggression
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsDeist, Wilhelm, Manfred Messerschmidt, Hans-Erich Volkmann, and Wolfram Wette
Number of Volumes11
Number of Pages799
PublisherClarendon Press ; Oxford University Press
CityOxford; New York

This is the first volume of a comprehensive eleven-volume history of the Second World War, written from the German perspective. The book surveys the forces both within and outside Weimar Germany which paved the way for Hitler. The authors examine the systematic preparation for war, from the outset of Nazi rule, through rearmament, economic autarky, diplomacy, and the penetration ofGerman society at all levels. They consider the extent to which the movement can be regarded as a continuation of historic German nationalism; the limits of Hitler's involvement with the army and big business; and the lack of coordination between the administration and the armed services. The bookdemonstrates that, despite Nazi propaganda and in stark contrast to 1914, most Germans in 1939 opposed a war which they nevertheless endured with such tragic consequences.

For the entire book series see Germany and the Second World War.

Original PublicationDas Deutsche Reich und der Zweite Weltkrieg: Ursachen und Voraussetzungen der deutschen Kriegspolitik
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