México al tiempo de su guerra con Estados Unidos, 1846–1848

TitleMéxico al tiempo de su guerra con Estados Unidos, 1846–1848
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsVázquez, Josefina Zoraida
Number of Pages692
PublisherFondo de Cultura Económica
CityMexico City

On the eve of the war in 1846, the balance of power between Mexico and the United States had worsened. Efforts to avoid war failed because Polk wanted New Mexico and California at all costs. Mexico, meanwhile, experienced a shift to federalism in the midst of war. Tensions between the three levels of national, state and municipal government hampered the organization of defense. This book emphasizes the miracle of Mexico's survival, as well as its ability to maintain unity in these conditions. [Google Books.]

Translated TitleMexico at the Time of its War with the United States, 1846-1848
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