Phantasiereiche: Zur Kulturgeschichte des deutschen Kolonialismus

TitlePhantasiereiche: Zur Kulturgeschichte des deutschen Kolonialismus
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsKundrus, Birthe
Number of Pages327

When the German Empire lost its colonies in 1918, German colonial history was not yet complete. Economically, the colonies had never been of great importance, but their possessions were still linked to wishes, hopes and fantasies that had an impact on the Germans' self-image and culture. They found their way into literature, film, advertising and legislation. This volume shows how colonialism between 1884 and 1945 changed the notions of "race" and the "foreign" and thus the Germans' self-image as men, as women, as whites, as citizens. [Publisher]

Translated TitleFantasy Empires: On the Cultural History of German Colonialism
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