The Royal Army Medical Corps

TitleThe Royal Army Medical Corps
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1972
AuthorsMcLaughlin, Redmond
Number of Pages121
PublisherL. Cooper

Book in monograph series on English regimental history, in which, in addition to reviewing the facts of war history, emphasis is placed on presenting the special spirit of the regiment. The illustrations are drawn from the regimental museums and many of the books are written by people who served in the Second World War. The Army Medical Service was established in 1660. In the Crimean War, Florence Nightingale did a great deal of work in hospitals under very difficult conditions, and after the war the work of organising nursing progressed, albeit somewhat slowly. The Army Nursing Service was established in 1881 and later continued in the Queen Alexandra Imperial Military Nursing Service. In the Medical Staff Corps, the men were officers, and in 1898 it changed its name to the Royal Army Medical Corps.

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