Kavkazskiy Plennik / Prisoner of the Mountains

TitleKavkazskiy Plennik / Prisoner of the Mountains
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsBodrov, Sergei
Running Time99 min
Date Released01/31/1997
Publication LanguageRussian

An adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's novella The Prisoner in the Caucasus (1872), this Oscar-nominated film reveals the cultural differences between Russians and Chechens during the First Chechen War (1994-1996). After surviving a Chechen ambush, two Russian soldiers find themselves imprisoned by a Chechen father who hopes to barter the soldiers for the release of his captive son. The two soldiers, a sergeant and a young conscript, react differently to their situation and begin to develop an unexpected — and humorous — bond of friendship. A tenuous understanding between the captor and his prisoners unravels during a botched rescue mission. 

Original PublicationКавказский пленник
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