Come and See

TitleCome and See
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1985
AuthorsKlimov, Elem Germanovic
Running Time140 min
Date Released1985
CountrySoviet Union
Publication LanguageRussian

This widely acclaimed film presents the dehumanization of World War II through the experiences of an abandoned young Byelorussia soldier. Florya wanders through the countryside, fleeing German air raids and the destroyed villages left behind. He meets others who have witnessed or experienced the brutality of Germans, presenting a nation and a people traumatized and victimized by war. 


Aleksei Kravchenko

Olga Mironova

Liubomiras Laucevicius

Vladas Bagdonas


Directed by Elem Klimov

Screenplay by Elem Klimov and Ales Adamovich

Story by Ales Adamovich

Music by Oleg Yanchenko

Cinematography by Aleksei Rodionov

Edited by Valeriya Belova


Drama, War

Alternate TitleIdi i smotri
Original PublicationИди и смотри
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