The Day the Earth Stood Still

TitleThe Day the Earth Stood Still
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1951
AuthorsWise, Robert
Running Time92 minutes
Date Released1951
DistributorTwentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Publication LanguageEnglish, French, Russian

Unlike other Cold War science-fiction films of the early 1950s that that engaged in fearmongering, The Day the Earth Stood Still offered a message of peace. An alien spacecraft lands in Washington, D.C., and Klaatu informs the President's secretary that he must meet with all the world's leaders. Taken prisoner, Klaatu escapes to spend time with humans. In his last message to Earthlings he warns them against their path of militarism, aggression, and atomic warfare and urges them to make peace with each other. 


Michael Rennie

Patricia Neal

Hugh Marlowe

Sam Jaffe

Billy Gray

Frances Bavier

Lock Martin


Produced by Julian Blaustein

Directed by Robert Wise

Screenplay by Edmund H. North

Cinematography by Leo Tover

Edited by William H. Reynolds

Music by Bernard Herrmann


Drama, Sci-Fi

Alternate TitleFarewell to the Master, Journey to the World
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Chosen by United States National Film Registry for preservation in 1995 because of "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" reasons.

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