Fires of Hatred: Ethnic Cleansing in Twentieth-Century Europe

TitleFires of Hatred: Ethnic Cleansing in Twentieth-Century Europe
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsNaimark, Norman M.
Corporate AuthorsCollection, Mazal Holocaust
Number of Pages248
PublisherHarvard University Press
CityCambridge, M.A.

Norman M. Naimark, provides a history of ethnic cleansing and its relationship to genocide and population transfer. Focusing on five specific cases, he exposes the myths about ethnic cleansing, in particular the commonly held belief that the practice stems from ancient hatreds. Naimark traces its roots to European nationalism of the late nineteenth century, but he points out that its most virulent expression is found in the twentieth century, as modern states and societies began to organize themselves by ethnic criteria. The work's five case studies include the Armenians and Greeks of Anatolia, the Nazi attacks on the Jews, the Soviet deportation of the Chechens-Ingush and the Crimean Tatars, the expulsion of Germans from Poland and Czechoslovakia and the wars of Yugoslav succession.

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