Les soldats français de la Guerre de Trente Ans, une tentative d'approche

TitleLes soldats français de la Guerre de Trente Ans, une tentative d'approche
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1973
AuthorsChaboche, Robert
JournalRevue d'Histoire Moderne et Contemporaine
Start Page10
Pagination10 - 24
Date Published01/1973

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It is a difficult undertaking trying to peer back through time to determine details about the men in the military service of the French Kings before 1648. Sources of information are scarce. Before the more systemized documentation of troops that began in 1716, we have fragmentary information and incomplete lists of soldiers that do not supply accurate information on the men. Luckily, the Archives of War now has a wonderful compilation of the registration records of soldiers admitted to the Hotel de Invalides, data that began to be kept on October 1, 1670. Having systematically examined this remarkable documentation up until 1691, I discovered it is possible to obtain some revelatory information about the soldiers who served during the period of the Thirty Years War [1618-1648].

Translated TitleFrench Soldiers of the Thirty Years War, an Attempt to Approach
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