India and the First World War

TitleIndia and the First World War
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsPati, Budheswar
Number of Pages282
PublisherAtlantic Publishers and Distributors
CityNew Delhi

The period covered in this book is the most constructive period in the history of the freedom movement in India. The Hindus, the Muslims, the moderate and the extremists — all came closer and stood on a common platform for the fulfilment of their National aspirations. This period is particularly significant for the fact that — It paved the way for the foundation of the Gandhian era, over which the Super structure of the real freedom movement of India was raised. It will not be exaggerating to say that if the first World War opened grounds for the historic movement of Gandhi the second World War aimed the final blow for the ultimate liquidation of the British rule in India. An interesting episode has been explored in this book for those who are keen to follow the history of the growth of nationalism in modern India. The book is based on materials collected from such sources as the private papers of the Governor generals, parliamentary papers, home political proceedings, report of the army in India Committee, Indian sedition Committee report, report on the Indian constitutional reforms, Indian industrial Commission report, moral and material progress reports, report of the administration of Lord Hardinge, report of me administration of Lord chelsford, report of the Indian Fiscal Commission and other official reports, proceedings of the Indian National Congress, writings and speeches of the National leaders and contemporary journals and newspapers.

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