The Gay Past: A Collection of Historical Essays

TitleThe Gay Past: A Collection of Historical Essays
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1985
Series EditorLicata, Salvatore J., and Robert P. Petersen
Number of Pages224
PublisherHarrington Park Press
City, CountryNew York

Here is a provocative volume on the homosexual experience through the ages. It serves as a substantial contribution to the growing body of knowledge on the history of homosexuality, including the treatment of homosexuals in Western societies from medieval times to the present. Scholars document the history of homosexuality by exploring how socity has made life difficult and even dangerous for homosexual men and women. Through narrative history as well as biography, these essays trace the legal, social, and physical consequences of this oppression [WorldCat.]

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Contents Foreword


The Myth of Lesbian Impunity: Capital Laws From 1270 to 1791

A Lesbian Execution in Germany, 1721: The Trial Records

Sodomy and Heresy in Early Modern Switzerland

Conceptions of Homosexuality and Sodomy in Western Europe

Ho Hum, Another Work of the Devil: Buggery and Sodomy in Early Stuart England

Defining Sodomy in Seventeenth-Century Massachusetts

"Writhing Bedfellows": 1826--Two Young Men From Antebellum South Carolina's Ruling Elite Share "Extravagant Delight"

The "Third Sex" Theory of Karl Heinrich Ulrichs

Inverts, Perverts, and Mary-Annes: Male Prostitution and the Regulation of Homosexuality in England in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

 "Stigmata of Degeneration": Prisoner Markings in Nazi Concentration Camps

The Pink Triangle: The Persecution of Homosexual Males in Concentration Camps in Nazi Germany

The Homosexual Rights Movement in the United States: A Traditionally Overlooked Area of American History *

Homosexuality in History: An Annotated Bibliography 

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