Seven Ages: The Story of the Irish State

TitleSeven Ages: The Story of the Irish State
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsMórdha, Séan Ó.
Running Time55 min
Date Released2002
DistributorRadio Telefís Éireann, BBC Northern Ireland
Publication LanguageEnglish

This documentary explores seven decades of the Irish Republic from its founding to the 1980s. Interviews with politicians, citizens, and scholars of Ireland and archival records and newsreels offer a contextualized and analytical perspective of divisive events like the Irish Civil War and the Troubles.


produced and directed by Seán Ó Mórdha

music by Bill Whelan



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Each 55 minute episode covers the events of a decade. 1. The Birth of the New Irish State; 2. Depression and the Rise of Fianna Fáil to Power; 3. The Forties - Decade of Neutrality and Censorship; 4. The Fifties - The Make or Break Decade; 5. The Modernisation of Ireland; 6. The Seventies - A Decade of Terror, Tension and Transformation; 7. Haughey and FitzGerald - Great Adversaries of the Eighties.

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