Sheet Music Collection: World War I and World War II

TitleSheet Music Collection: World War I and World War II
Publication TypeWebsite
Corporate AuthorsUniversity of Missouri-Kansas City
Place PublishedKansas City, MO

This Sheet Music Collection contains over 1700 unique titles published primarily from 1851 to 1970, most of them during World War I. Among them are a number of compositions by Irving Berlin, including Let’s All Be Americans Now, They Were All Out of Step But Jim, I’ve Got My Captain Working For Me Now and Good-Bye France. Also included in the collection are older titles that experienced a revival in popularity at the outbreak of the First World War. Two titles – When Johnny Comes Marching Home (1863) and Just Before The Battle, Mother (1864) – originally date back to the Civil War. Subjects covered are among others the two World Wars, Soldiers, Women, Men, African Americans, Separation (Psychology), Farewells, Patriotic music, Flags, Military campaigns, Rifles, Airplanes.

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