Gendered Militarism in Canada: Learning Conformity and Resistance

TitleGendered Militarism in Canada: Learning Conformity and Resistance
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsTaber, Nancy
Number of Pages274
PublisherUniversity of Alberta Press
CityEdmonton, AB

Little has been done to examine, critique, and challenge how ingrained societal ideas of militarism and gender influence lifelong learning patterns and practices of Canadians. Editor Nancy Taber and nine other contributors explore various reasons why Canadian educators should be concerned with how learning, militarism, and gender intersect. Readers may be surprised to discover how this reaches beyond the classroom into the everyday lessons, attitudes, and habits that all Canadians are taught, often without question. Pushing the boundaries of education theory, research, and practice, this book will be of particular interest to feminist, adult, and teacher educators and to scholars and students of education, the military, and women's and gender studies.

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