Versailles 1919: Ziele, Wirkung, Wahrnehmung

TitleVersailles 1919: Ziele, Wirkung, Wahrnehmung
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsKrumeich, Gerd
Number of Pages390

The edited volume explores from multiple perspectives the Versailles Treaty from June 1919 that officially ended World War I and was negotiated by 32 countries (with the exclusion of the defeated Central Powers Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire). The 27 book chapters in the anthology, have therefore no systematic access to the subject, but have been bundled very loosely by the editor in the three major areas of the title: goals, impact and perception. It argues that the aftermath of the treaty was  far reaching in the economy, society, politics and culture.

Translated TitleVersailles 1919: Goals, Impact, Perception
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