Memories: From Moscow to the Black Sea

TitleMemories: From Moscow to the Black Sea
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsTėffi, Nadezhda A.
TranslatorChandler, Robert, Elizabeth Chandler, Anne-Marie Jackson, and Irina Steinberg
Number of Pages267
PublisherNew Review Books
CityNew York

Considered Teffi's single greatest work, Memories: From Moscow to the Black Sea is a deeply personal account of the author's last months in Russia and Ukraine, suffused with her acute awareness of the political currents churning around her, many of which have now resurfaced. In 1918, in the immediate aftermath of the Russian Revolution, Teffi, whose stories and journalism had made her a celebrity in Moscow, was invited to read from her work in Ukraine. She accepted the invitation eagerly, though she had every intention of returning home. As it happened, her trip ended four years later in Paris, where she would spend the rest of her life in exile. [WorldCat]

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