Women, Peacekeeping and Peacemaking: Gender Balance and Mainstreaming

TitleWomen, Peacekeeping and Peacemaking: Gender Balance and Mainstreaming
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsStiehm, Judith Hicks
EditorOlsson, Louise, and Torunn L. Tryggestad
Book TitleWomen and International Peacekeeping
PublisherFrank Cass

This volume deals with women's participation in international peacekeeping operations and what those operations might consider to be the role and circumstances of women, including those of the host society. Essays include: a theoretical perspective on women and war, highlighting the difference between post-modernist and universalist approaches to women's roles in peacemaking and conflict resolution, the role of women in military operations, the implications of the high levels of sexual violence in peacekeeping operations and the UN's gender policy for peacekeeping operations.

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