Sexualisierte Gewalt: Weibliche Erfahrungen in NS-Konzentrationslagern

TitleSexualisierte Gewalt: Weibliche Erfahrungen in NS-Konzentrationslagern
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsAmesberger, Helga, Katrin Auer, and Brigitte Halbmayr
Number of Pages360

The problem of 'sexualized violence against women' has so far received little scholarly interest in connection with National Socialist topics. It has often been treated as a mere 'side note' about forced prostitution and prisoner/SS brothels. In fact, only a few historical documents and even fewer eyewitness accounts are available on this subject. The contempt with which these women were treated, as well as the still existing social stigmatization of prostitutes, made it possible for only a few women to speak about this form of forced labor.
However, sexualized violence against women was not first perpetrated in the concentration camps - some contemporary witnesses reported rape in the course of arrest, but also sexual assaults during interrogations. The authors place particular emphasis in this analysis on the consequences of sexualized violence for women's lives after 1945, since no study has yet been conducted on this topic. Another research interest lies in other forms of sexualized violence in connection with other aspects specific to women, such as pregnancy or menstruation, but also in implications of gender relations between perpetrators and victims.

Translated TitleSexualized Violence: Female Experiences in Nazi Concentration Camps
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