Champlain’s Dream

TitleChamplain’s Dream
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsFischer, David Hackett
PublisherSimon & Schuster
CityNew York

This well researched biography of Samuel Champlain details the story of Champlain's life and his humane and intelligent rapport with the native peoples of early French Canada and includes numerous maps, charts, and illustrations.The history of European colonization in the Americas is strewn with rogues, murderers and exploiters, but this book about Samuel de Champlain, "founder" of New France, (Quebec and Acadia) suggests something different; born in sixteenth century France that was torn apart by religious wars between Catholics and Protestants that at times approached genocide, (France had ten civil wars in Champlain's lifetime) Champlain saw such horrors as a young soldier in Europe that he adopted a philosophy of tolerance, humanism and progressivism that he brought to North America as an explorer. Horrified by the example of the Spanish in Mexico and the Caribbean, (he journeyed there as a spy) he sought friendship and partnership with the Indian groups that he met in Canada, fostering a reputation as a holy man and an ally, (not honored after his passing). Champlain as a cartographer, explorer, (he crossed the Atlantic Ocean 27 times between 1598 and 1632) administrator and man of peace deserves to be remembered throughout the ages. He was a great figure in history. David Bales' review

Translated TitleLe rêve de Champlain, traduit de l'anglais par Daniel Poliquin
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