Only Halfway to Paradise: Women in Postwar Britain, 1945-1968

TitleOnly Halfway to Paradise: Women in Postwar Britain, 1945-1968
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1980
AuthorsWilson, Elizabeth
Number of Pages233

Only Halfway to Paradise is not a conventional history of the position of women in postwar Britain, it is far more ambitious than that. Neither is it just a history of women but more a history of feminism and an attempt to understand how contemporary feminism has emerged out of certain historical convergences, contradictions and crises. The book isĀ  a political analysis that politicizes the biographies of a whole generation of women by removing recent history from the grip of nostalgia and spelling out the implications of much of what happened in the fifties denied within the Puritan church though this did not of course mean that they had equal governing rights; their labour was important to the farm enterprise.

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