Gender and the Historiography of the English-Speaking Caribbean

TitleGender and the Historiography of the English-Speaking Caribbean
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsBrereton, Bridget
EditorMohammed, Patricia
Book TitleGendered Realities: Essays in Caribbean Feminist Thought
PublisherUniversity of the West Indies Press
CityMona, Jamaica

In 1974, Lucilie Mathurin Mair completed her doctoral dissertation, the first full-length work on Caribbean women's historical experiences, "A Historical Study of Women in Jamaica, 1655-1844," at the University of the West Indies Mona; in 1993, Verene Shepherd organized a successful international symposium, also at UWI Mona, out of which emerged the collection of essays published in 1995, Engendering History: Caribbean Women in Historical Perspective. These two events symbolize the development, over the last twenty or twenty-five years, of a significant body of work on women and gender in the history of the English-speaking Caribbean. In this chapter, the author aims to indicate some of the main lines this work has taken, and the major issues it has raised.

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