Domestic Dreamworlds: Notions of Home in Post-1945 Europe

TitleDomestic Dreamworlds: Notions of Home in Post-1945 Europe
Publication TypeJournal
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsAuslander, Leora, Greg Castillo, Susan E. Reid, Paolo Scrivano, Claire Langhamer, Daniel Beer, Polymeris Voglis, David Renton, and Emmett Sullivan
Secondary AuthorsBetts, Paul, and David Crowley

Excerpt in lieu of an abstract:
This special issue is dedicated to addressing the manifold meanings of home and home life for postwar Europeans. How and why domesticity occupied such a central place in the imagination, experiences and memories of Europeans across national borders — and even the Cold War divide — is the main theme here. In this special issue, the complex ways in which French citizens narrated their kinship to lost homes and possessions in the aftermath of Nazi occupation reveal much about the politics of nationhood; Cold War politics were put on dramatic display in Marshall Plan housing exhibitions in divided Berlin; Soviet industrial policies and gender ideology took on new forms in household literature and kitchen design; the postwar Italian modernization drive pivoted to a surprising degree on the remaking of domestic space; and lastly, new visions of domestic bliss emerged as the unifying theme of social politics in postwar Britain. However different, each article helps to illuminate the everyday history of Europe under radical reconstruction, underlining the importance of home and home life in understanding the postwar renewal of European state and society. [Excerpt from Introduction]

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