Frauenbewegung und Nation: Patriotische Frauenvereine in Deutschland im frühen 19. Jahrhundert (1813-1830)

TitleFrauenbewegung und Nation: Patriotische Frauenvereine in Deutschland im frühen 19. Jahrhundert (1813-1830)
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsReder, Dirk Alexander
Number of Pages600

In this book, Dirk Reder describes the relationship between nation and sex largely in the sense of an emancipation history. The national foundation came during the wars of liberation and amid promises of political participation associated with the idea of ​​the nation allowed not only men, but also women, who in Germany at that time were united in at least 573 women 's associations. Using extensive archival research, Reder examines the right to political participation and the struggle to legitimize it. The patriotic women's associations, in which women collected donations for the equipment of war volunteers, cared for the injured and the sick, and produced dressing materials and clothing, allowed women to understand themselves as part of the national movement, to which they contributed "as a counterpart to universal compulsory military service." The national movement therefore enabled women to leave the local framework assigned to them, and to gain recognition and attention in the public. After 1815 numerous women's associations dissolved again, but some resisted the "conservative backlash" after the exceptional condition of the war was over, by devoting themselves to public or religious causes. [From H-Net]

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