Partisaninnen: Widerstand in Jugoslawien, 1941–1945

TitlePartisaninnen: Widerstand in Jugoslawien, 1941–1945
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsWiesinger, Barbara N.

The study offers a comprehensive, multi-faceted analysis of the so far little researched history of women in the Yugoslav partisan movement during  World War II. The focus is on the specific war experiences of these women: Why did they decide to resist? In which areas were you active? How was your everyday life as paramedics and fighters of the "People's Liberation Army"? How did they deal with hunger, deprivation and the ubiquitous violence? What relationship did they have with comrades and superiors? The insights gained from documents of the resistance movement are consistently linked with insights into the individual experiences and memories of former partisans described in memoirs and biographical interviews. The representations of female resistance in propaganda during the war as well as in the socialist culture of remembrance is included too in the study: How were paramedics and fighters portrayed? What do we learn from this about the gender policy of the resistance movement or the party? What place did female resistance have in socialist historiography? Theoretically and methodologically reflected, carefully researched and convincingly presented, the volume is an important contribution to the gender history of resistance and war as well as the contemporary history of Southeast Europe

Translated TitleFemale Partisans: Resistance in Yugoslavia, 1941-1945
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